Back to school shopping is just around the corner. The kids have sprouted up over the summer and it’s no surprise that they are going to need new clothes, new shoes, a new backpack and new school supplies. The kids know it’s coming but what they don’t know is that you mom or dad are going to purchase something special for them – just because. You want to surprise them and give them something special to wear on their first day of school, or something practical that they can use for weeks to come. That surprise will be something they will show off to their friends and cherish because it was from you or another family member. This special gift can be something simple such as a watch, ring, bracelet or a necklace. The gift can be something like a new lunchbox with their favorite character or superhero. It doesn’t have to be something they wear even. It can be movie tickets to celebrate a new school year. It can be a show or play or something else that you know they would enjoy. Just think about something special to surprise your kids with. You don’t have to break the bank. Whatever it is it will mean a lot to them because it came from you and best of all it was a surprise.

When shopping for a back-to-school gift for your child think about the things he or she enjoys doing. Do they enjoy drawing or sports? Do they enjoy dressing up and looking nice for church or school? Do they have a hobby that they enjoy? There are so many possibilities when thinking about a small gift just to let them know you are thinking about them and wishing them good luck for the new year. I know when my kids were younger we had to get them new clothes because they would grow so much over the summer months and we had to get new shoes but I can remember now and then we would get our kids just a small gift. It was something special just to let them know we were thinking about them going into a new classroom with a new teacher and making new friends and seeing old friends.

Giving gifts is an exciting thing. We shouldn’t have to wait until the holidays, birthdays or other special occasions to purchase a gift for someone as special as our kids. I know you are thinking to yourself “I buy my kids something every time we go to the store.” Well, did they ask for it? Not the same! I’m talking about you thinking about them, just out of the blue. A surprise they were not expecting at all. Think about it. Your kids are going to love it!

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