Your teen graduated from high school in the spring and now is heading off to college.  They are starting a whole new chapter in their life. Things are going to change for them dramatically.  If they are going to be living in a dorm or apartment, they are going to need a few things to make them comfortable.

If your new college student is going to be living in a dorm they may not need as much as one that will be moving into their own apartment.  If they are moving into a dorm, they may only need a few things like bedding and a few accessories but for the freshmen who may be moving into their first apartment, they will need a few more things such as household items, bedding, cookware and possibly a few pieces of furniture.  A meaningful gift for your new college student would be to help them with these items they may need.  I remember when our daughter went to college, she ended up living with some friends and she didn’t need furniture or anything like that, but she still needed a few of the essentials like bedding and a few other items.  It wasn’t until her second year of college that she decided to get an apartment and needed some furniture.  If your college student is going to be living in a dorm, they may only need a small coffee pot and a hot plate.  If they live in an apartment, they may need a few pieces of furniture unless they are able to find a furnished apartment.  There are a lot of things to consider when it comes time to decide where they will be living. Affordability comes into the picture quick and being able to furnish and/or supply their new pad is essential to their daily living.  You want them to be able to concentrate on their studies and not the things they need.

Knowing what your college student will need will help you decide what to purchase for them.  The items they need for their dorm or apartment will vary so here are a few ideas:

College Dorm Essentials

College Dorm Accessories

College Apartment Furniture

College Household Essentials

If your college student is lucky enough that they don’t need a ton of supplies or other essentials, then you may just want to purchase a small gift for them.  Let them know you are thinking about them and wishing them the best year ever for their freshman year of college.  This is an exciting time for them, but they will still be away from home and experience homesickness at some point.  Think about getting them something that reminds them of you and the family and let them know you are thinking about them while they are away.  A simple gift like a nice picture frame with a picture of the family, or a nice vase to put flowers in or send them a care package once they get settled in.  A small gift from you will mean the world to them. Here are a few small gift ideas:

Gift Ideas for the College Freshman

Picture frames and other gifts

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