The perfect gift? Is there such a thing? Many of us spend an exorbitant amount of time searching for that perfect gift when a meaningful gift serves the same purpose. I don’t mean that in a negative way. The perfect gift is in the giving. It’s the giver’s state of mind or state of the heart that matters. That is what makes the gift to someone the perfect gift. That’s what truly matters.

Are there gifts that your special someone would like? Or is there something they need? Sure, there is. But there are times when you just want to go out shopping to look or search online to find something special for someone. Does it mean the same thing to the giver if you dictate to them what you want or need? There’s nothing wrong with giving them ideas but don’t get upset if they gift you with something different. The giver has gone through the time and effort to search and to purchase that special gift for you. For them, it may have been the perfect gift, or a very meaningful gift so make sure to treat it as such. In the past, I’ve mentioned things that I wanted or needed to my husband. My husband does not like to shop so I know that when he takes the time to research something and then to go purchase that item, he has put a lot of thought into it. Most often he goes out and purchases something that I have asked for. But he has surprised me many times with gifts that I had never thought of. If I dictate to him what I want, then I take away the joy and pleasure that he feels in getting that gift. Sometimes our hearts are so full of love for someone that we want to be the one to come up with something for them. There have been many times that my husband has bought me gifts that were more special to me than anything I could have asked for. More often than not those gifts are more meaningful to me, and that makes them the “perfect gift.”

One of my favorite gifts from husband has been a simple diamond cross necklace. It is beautiful. I’ve had that necklace for twenty years or so. I wear it more than any other piece of jewelry I have, other than my wedding ring.

So, when it comes to finding the perfect gift, don’t stress out. When you put a little time and effort into finding and purchasing a gift for your special someone but find one that is meaningful, one that you’ve thought about, researched, and feel good about, it will mean the world to them. It will make you feel pretty good too – remember “it’s better to give than receive.” The person who gives you a gift receives as much joy and happiness in giving you that gift than you felt receiving it.

What has been your favorite gift? Do you have a gift that someone gave you that mean a lot to you? Feel free to share below, we’d love to hear about it.

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